Reštaurácia Massimo Riverpark, Dvořákovo nábrežie 4, 811 02 Bratislava +421 905 119 381

About Us

The idea was born in 2005, through an initiatory path that led me, year after year 
to be convinced that the Italian, already appreciated all over 
the world, could convey the food through the fundamental values such as tradition, family and care to detail that made it famous. From pizza, prepared with 
original ingredients and the passion that only a “Napoletano DOC” like me can transmit, 
the typical dishes of various 
regions of this wonderful land called Italy, full of history, 
culture and sacrifice. Not to 
mention the wines, typical “
supporter” of high quality food that I have the honor and pleasure to present to my selected customers, with the typical “coda di volpe” up to the finest “Brunello di Montalcino”, from the lands of Piedmont to those Sicily, through Tuscany and Puglia, all witnesses to a highest level wine culture.

Finally a mention of the 
location of my latest creation, 
“la Lanterna”, a name that evokes a forgotten past now, made of soft atmospheres and amazing views, which I tried to recreate inside, with light and a giant picture of the Gulf of Naples, forming 
a spectacular effect “trompe l’oeil”, giving the customer the pleasant feeling of facing one of the most beautiful scenery on the planet. The kitchen, as well as the grill area, wants to give the feeling 
of cleanliness and transparency 
so as not to hide anything from the customer who savor the 
delights of my kitchen as if he were in a square, open … In the belief that it made to give you visual and olfactory sensations unique in a warm and welcoming, and hope that this matches your taste, I wish you 
a pleasant stay in this place, 
I like to call “my home”

Massimo Attanasio