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Asparagus, the queen of spring

Do you know how we prepare asparagus in Italy?
Check out the video and see me make fantastic Linguine with shrimp and asparagus cream for TV JOJ.

Panna Cotta for SME Žena magazine

When Panna Cotta is made well, it’s a delight for your tastebuds as well as your eyes. I shared my true italian recipe for this delicacy with SME Žena magazine.

Valentine ravioli to fall in love with

Sweet dishes are great, but I’m sure your Valentine will be over the moon if you make this fantastic ravioli for them. Find out more in Plus Jeden Deň online magazine. 

Nothing is as it seems

Plus Jeden Deň magazine reported about the visit of the lovely Miss Viktória Podmanická in my restaurant. Of course it was no date, just an innocent work meeting. 

Panna Cotta on Facebook

My favourite Italian Panna Cotta recipe was featured on ‚Ona vie‘ magazine’s Facebook page. 

Welcome to my kitchen

While visiting my house, a Plus Jeden Deň journalist learnt that tomatoes and parmesan are two of the things I always have to have at home. 

Watch out for frauds

We all come accross dishonest people sometimes. And this time, it happened to me and my wife. Read about our unfortunate experience in Pluska’s article. 

Seabass on TV JOJ

Red riding hood doesn’t need to be afraid of this seabass. I am not afraid of it either and that’s why I was happy to prepare a seabass version with dried tomatoes for TV JOJ.

Interview with JOJ Noviny Plus

I spoke to JOJ Noviny Plus about the impact of anti-pandemic measures on my restaurant and how these measures were different from those in Italy.

Our pizza in Forbes

Not every pizza is the same. Italians know it, Slovaks know it and our special italian pizza recipe was even highlighted in the Forbes magazine.

Scallopini – a TV star

TV JOJ’s Jano Meciar wanted to know how the true italian Scallopini is prepared. It was my pleasure to show him.